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Test #176 on by Niels Hapke   May 16, 2018 Desktop Mobile Checkout

Niels Hapke Tested Pattern #4: Testimonials In Test #176 On

In this experiment, testimonials were added on a checkout screen.

Test #167 on by Matthew Curry   Apr 10, 2018 Desktop Product

Matthew Curry Tested Pattern #69: Autodiscounting In Test #167 On

The idea is that, if the customer has an active discount code for that session (either by landing on a particular page, or entering a code somewhere), instead of just showing the discount in the basket, we show it further (earlier) up the funnel and automatically discount on the product page.

The effectiveness of this depends on the discount level, I've tested it at 30% and 50%.

With a 50% Discount:
Add to Cart rate +33%
Sales rate + 24%

With a 30% Discount:
Add to Cart rate +11.6%
Sales rate + 10.2%

Test #166 on by Sunir Shah   Apr 05, 2018 Desktop Mobile Home & Landing

Sunir Shah Tested Pattern #12: Payment First In Test #166 On

Olark's homepage was directing users towards a free forever trial - with followup nudges to upgrade some days later. The variation B of the experiment tested a more aggressive push to a pricing page page - with options to select a paid plan, as well as provide a credit card (getting the payment conversation out of the way sooner).

Test #164 on by Martin Wong   Apr 04, 2018 Desktop Mobile Thank You

Martin Wong Tested Pattern #50: Autoplay Video In Test #164 On

In this test, the variation autoplayed the video (with sound). The thank you page offered a discount on a cross-sell product - The Supplement Goal Reference. The video first communicate a sincere thank you, followed by the product cross-sell.