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Test #136 on by Marlies Wilms Floet   Dec 18, 2017 Desktop Product

Marlies Wilms Floet Tested Pattern #42: Countdown Timer In Test #136 On

De Nieuwe Zaak (a Dutch ecommerce agency) tested a countdown timer on an ecommerce site. The variation showed how many hours and minutes were left in order to be eligible for next day delivery. The variation beat the control which did not have this element of urgency.

Test #134 on by Niels Hapke   Dec 14, 2017 Desktop Product

Niels Hapke Tested Pattern #41: Sticky Call To Action In Test #134 On

In this beautiful test, the key change was the introduction of a larger call to action linking to a premium / upgrade screen. The call to action was placed on the left sidebar which was floating. This is a great example of providing visibility to important elements by making them persistent.

Test #118 on Akademiafotografii.p... by Grzegorz Jancewicz   Oct 01, 2017 Desktop Product

Grzegorz Jancewicz Tested Pattern #34: Open In A New Tab In Test #118 On Akademiafotografii.p...

The only change in this test was the way links were opened on this course listings page. Variation A opened links in the same window, and variation B opened them in a new tab (and focusing on the newly opened screen).

Test #106 on by Martin Wong   May 23, 2017 Desktop Product

Martin Wong Tested Pattern #15: Bulleted Reassurances In Test #106 On

Three reassurances were added underneath each purchase button: Lifetime Updates, Works On All Devices and Money-Back Guarantee.

Test #54 on by Chris Goward   Aug 11, 2016 Desktop Mobile Product

Chris Goward Tested Pattern #7: Social Counts In Test #54

Client background (e.g. industry, business model):

This client is a healthcare company: their website is designed for lead generation. This company collects leads for their kidney-focused programs and ultimately provides kidney dialysis for those who decide to become patients.


Experiment background:

This experiment was focused on a right rail and the goal was to encourage more users to sign up to download the client’s free diabetes-friendly cookbook.