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Test #207 on by Karl Gilis   Nov 01, 2018 Desktop Product

Karl Gilis Tested Pattern #88: Action Button In Test #207 On

This test ran on the Suzuki Swift landing page. In the B variation, extra links with the following copy ‘Discover the <name of car model>’ were added for each sub product. (in Dutch: ‘Bekijk de…’).

Test #197 on by Nicholas Evans   Sep 04, 2018 Desktop Product

Nicholas Evans Tested Pattern #4: Testimonials In Test #197 On

In the variation, customer reviews were exposed from a less visible tab view.

Test #192 on by Alexander Shvets   Aug 07, 2018 Desktop Mobile Product

Alexander Shvets Tested Pattern #4: Testimonials In Test #192 On

In this experiment, a number of customer reviews were added at the middle of a product page.

Test #187 on by Will Anderson   Jul 09, 2018 Desktop Mobile Product

Will Anderson Tested Pattern #71: Personalized Next Step In Test #187 On

In this experiment, a lead form (with a syllabus) would transform into the next application step of "enrolling" after being submitted. More so, this surfacing of the next enrollment step was personalized and shown for users that also returned to the web site in future visits. 

Test #167 on by Matthew Curry   Apr 10, 2018 Desktop Product

Matthew Curry Tested Pattern #69: Autodiscounting In Test #167 On

The idea is that, if the customer has an active discount code for that session (either by landing on a particular page, or entering a code somewhere), instead of just showing the discount in the basket, we show it further (earlier) up the funnel and automatically discount on the product page.

The effectiveness of this depends on the discount level, I've tested it at 30% and 50%.

With a 50% Discount:
Add to Cart rate +33%
Sales rate + 24%

With a 30% Discount:
Add to Cart rate +11.6%
Sales rate + 10.2%

Test #157 on by Viljo Vabrit   Mar 06, 2018 Desktop Product

Viljo Vabrit Tested Pattern #62: Urgent Next Day Delivery In Test #157 On

Hypothesis - Urgency leads to higher conversions as people have less time to think and will instead follow their impulse to complete the purchase now rather than later.

The Treatment - From Monday to Friday, before 4 PM, we added the urgency message “Free next business day delivery if you order before 4 PM (UK)”. We placed the urgency message just below the product name ensuring that it fell into the reading pattern of all visitors interested in the products. To ensure the treatment was only shown at the right time and for the right people we added a condition: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI before 4 PM; UK IP.

Test #140 on Akademiafotografii.p... by Grzegorz Jancewicz   Jan 05, 2018 Desktop Mobile Product

Grzegorz Jancewicz Tested Pattern #46: Pay Later In Test #140 On Akademiafotografii.p...

The test was run on multiple course pages. The screenshot contains the cropped bottom part of a long screen with an exposed signup form. The variation introduced additional text above the form which states: "Free Cancellation. Payment is not required today".

Test #141 on by Daniel Shapiro   Jan 05, 2018 Desktop Mobile Product

Daniel Shapiro Tested Pattern #49: Above The Fold Call To Action In Test #141 On

The variation introduced a call to action at the top of the screen that linked to a form deep down on a long course page.