The Latest A/B Tests

These are the amazing companies we work with that are actively sharing quality a/b test results.


Test #123 on by | Apr 11, 2011

Tested Pattern #: In Test #123 On

Addition of 3 short one liner testimonials in the middle of the page.

Test #121 on by | Mar 13, 2015

Tested Pattern #1: Remove Coupon Fields In Test #121 On published this test which removed two coupon fields on a shopping cart: a gift card code and a special offer code.

Test #122 on by | Aug 01, 2017

Tested Pattern #1: Remove Coupon Fields In Test #122

The test was run for an online retailer in the women’s clothing market (according to Conversion Doctor). The control (A) had a coupon code on the first page of the checkout process. The variation (B) had the coupon code removed.