The Latest A/B Tests

These are the amazing companies we work with that are actively sharing quality a/b test results.


Test #207 on by Karl Gilis | Nov 01, 2018 Desktop

Karl Gilis Tested Pattern #88: Action Button In Test #207 On

This test ran on the Suzuki Swift landing page. In the B variation, the words ‘Discover the <name of car model>’ was added for each sub product. (in Dutch: ‘Bekijk de…’).

Test #206 on by Kimberly Cheung | Oct 25, 2018 Desktop Mobile

Kimberly Cheung Tested Pattern #40: Blurred Product Background In Test #206 On

This test ran on the first step of a multiple signup funnel and only changed the background to a blurred image.

Test #205 on by Ronny Kohavi | Oct 25, 2018

Ronny Kohavi Tested Pattern #36: More Results In Test #205 On

In this experiment, the carousel items were increased from 12 to 16.

Test #201 on by Ben Labay | Sep 19, 2018 Desktop Mobile

Ben Labay Tested Pattern #7: Social Counts In Test #201

In this test the upsell modal had an added text box with number of people that day who took the offer. The test hypothesis was that social proof will add motivation to take an action and the offer.

Test #199 on by Luke Hay | Sep 13, 2018 Desktop Mobile

Luke Hay Tested Pattern #77: Ghost Buttons In Test #199 On

Test #196 on by Vinicius Barros Peixoto | Aug 14, 2018 Mobile

Vinicius Barros Peixoto Tested Pattern #80: Persitent Filters In Test #196 On

The experiment goal was automatically applying filters the users have already done in our result page, during their navigation to the site. The variation always applied the filters in the same session and asked users on new sessions.