The Latest A/B Tests

These are the amazing companies we work with that are actively sharing quality a/b test results.


Test #188 on by Julian Gaviria | Jul 11, 2018 Desktop Mobile

Julian Gaviria Tested Pattern #4: Testimonials In Test #188 On

In this experiment, a testimonial with a repeated call to action was placed at the bottom of a landing page.

Test #187 on by Will Anderson | Jul 09, 2018 Desktop Mobile

Will Anderson Tested Pattern #71: Personalized Next Step In Test #187 On

In this experiment, a lead form (with a syllabus) would transform into the next application step of "enrolling" after being submitted. More so, this surfacing of the next enrollment step was personalized and shown for users that also returned to the web site in future visits. 

Test #186 on by Devesh Khanal | Jul 02, 2018 Mobile

Devesh Khanal Tested Pattern #14: Exposed Menu Options In Test #186

In this experiment, additional product categories were added at the top of the navigation.

Test #77 on by | Dec 05, 2016 Desktop Mobile

Tested Pattern #5: Top Aligned Labels In Test #77 On

Test #176 on by Niels Hapke | May 16, 2018 Desktop Mobile

Niels Hapke Tested Pattern #4: Testimonials In Test #176 On

In this experiment, testimonials were added on a checkout screen.

Test #64 on by Jakub Linowski | Jan 01, 2017

Jakub Linowski Tested Pattern #41: Sticky Call To Action In Test #64 On

In this experiment, we showed a sticky navigation bar with 5 actions such as (newsletter signup, and visiting certain landing pages). Upon completion of each task, the navigation would transform into a completed state while using cookies to store it for future reference.